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Rules and Regulations for Students

  • Class attendance minimum 75%
  • Smoking is forbidden in the College campus.
  • For failing to attend classes for a period of one month without prior permission or without any valid reason, the name of the student will be struck off from the College register. Re-admission may be allowed on payment of re-admission fees.
  • Students are expected to have a high standard in their academic and private life. Lapses of moral values or addiction to drugs, gambling or any other crimes are punishable offenses.
  • No student will be allowed to participate in political activities or any type of demonstrations either within the College or outside.
  • Pasting or hanging posters on the walls of the College and Hospital premises are strictly prohibited. Fashionable dresses, cosmetics, untidy hair, slippers are discouraged in the College campus. Boys must wear pant, shirt and shoes.
  • All the students must always put on apron and their name should be displayed on the apron by nameplate.
  • All types of demonstrations, processions, shouting in the College and Hospital premises are prohibited and students involved in them are liable to be expelled from the College.
  • Leave in case of illness or other unavoidable reasons of non attendance, a written statement from the parent/guardian is to be presented to the teachers concerned who in turn will submit it to the Principal for approval.
  • Abstentions from classes individually or in-group or in a mass without prior information/without valid reasons are punishable. Guardians will be informed of such acts of their wards.
  • Students must not misbehave with the staff or employees of the college. Acts of misbehavior are also acts of indiscipline and liable to call for punishment.
  • Every student shall provide for himself/herself all the prescribed textbooks, Dissecting Instruments, medical dental equipments & materials etc. The college will not supply these to the students.
  • Cost of loss/damage to college/hospital property is liable to be realized from the student/students found responsible for the loss/damage of the college/hospital property.