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  Ka-40/1, Lichu Bagan Road, Joar Sahara, Baridhara, Dhaka- 1229.

Educational Philosophy

Bangladesh Dental Medical Foundation

The Objectives of Bangladesh Dental Medical Foundation

To provide studies and training in dental science to produce Graduate and Postgraduate Dental Surgeons of international standard.
To conduct research on common Oral and Dental diseases prevalent in Bangladesh.
To develop the standard of Dental Education in Bangladesh.
To provide highly skilled Dental Surgeons, Technologist, Dental hygienist and Nurses.
To provide modern Oral and Dental Health services to the community.
To conduct modern research and studies on the prevention and cure on Oral and Dental diseases.
To establish a modern hospital for providing Dental and Maxillofacial, and also general treatment at free/reasonable cost.
To increase opportunities to the meritorious student to study Oral and Dental Sciences.
To train and educate the people for the maintenance of proper Oral hygiene.
To meet the urgent and enormous requirement of Dental Surgeons in the country.
To relieve pressure on the Government Dental Institutions. Economic earnings and savings.